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Our Story - First Mobile Phone Repair Shop in VA


     Back In 2007 I spent hours waiting in line for the first iPhone release at the Apple store in Pentagon City Mall. I was ecstatic to be one of the first to have this cool new device called the iPhone, not many people could get their hands on it during that time.

     Unfortunately, a few days later I dropped it and cracked its screen. I took it to the Apple store immediately for repair but came back home disappointed because there was a wait time of weeks just to get my phone fixed. Also, there was no repair shop that knew how to fix iPhone.  Helplessly, I decided to take matters into my hands. I searched online and ordered the LCD screen and decided to take a chance to fix it myself.

     It took me almost a whole day to replace the LCD screen but I did it with success! I was so happy, my friends asked me how I got my phone fixed so quickly, so I told them I did it myself! They were surprised, but wanted me to fix their phones too! I was the go-to man to fix iPhones! My high success just through word of mouth eventually led me to start looking for a business space in Springfield Mall.

     I had a high demand for phone repair and finally opened my first Kiosk in Springfield Mall in 2007. In 2008, I opened another Kiosk on the second level. I also started iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking too, which led to more customers. The repair demands were so high that I was ready to open more stores outside the mall, but suddenly bad news sprung for Springfield Mall. The mall had to shut down for renovation and I lost my business and customers.

     Even after losing everything, I still didn't give up. I knew the repair demand was still there, so it led me to look for another store in the Springfield area. It took me six months to find a store space. Fortunately I found a nice store space only a few blocks away from Springfield Mall and regained my clientele and business! I'm rapidly growing now and expect to multiply stores in the very near future. I think these goals can't be achieved without the best customer service and top quality products. I'm very grateful to my loyal customers who have made me successful. I love my customers. Thank you for making my business successful!!


-AQ Tabusum, Director of Sales and Marketing iFixPhones

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